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My Illustrated Astral Map came from my passion for Astrology and the desire to create a creative gift that involved reading the Astral Map.
I've been studying Astrology for over 5 years and since then, I've been analyzing the maps of family and friends as a pure hobby. Until one day I wanted to give the Map as a gift to my niece, but there was nothing physical  to deliver.  So, I developed the comic to give as a gift. It was only later that the idea came to me of being able to offer it to other people.  
The comic is made from each person's birth chart, and, based on the information it gives us, I make it as if it were a summary, highlighting its most inspiring and encouraging characteristics, so that every day you look at him and remember how special he is and how capable he is of accomplishing whatever he wants. 

depoimentos das astrolindas

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Maria Clara

Conheci o Meu Mapa Ilustrado no Instagram e quando vi apaixonei, meu aniversário estava chegando coloquei no close friends dando dica de presente, e não é que eu ganhei?! Foi um presente tão especial que fez o meu dia se tornar ainda mais incrível. Meu Mapa Ilustrado é muito além de um quadro bonito falando de astrologia, olhar pra ele e ler tudo é resgatar nossa essência e ver o quão somos fortes e temos tantas potencialidades! Não poderia ter ganho presente melhor ❤️


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