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who am I

Hi! My name is Bheatriz, future Architect and Urbanist and I am the creator of Meu Astral Ilustrado.  

It all started about 5 years ago when I started to delve into Astrology. Since then, as a hobby, I've been reading maps to my family and friends, and they always said that everything matched reality.  

Until last year, when my niece was born, right in the first hour, I made her map, and sent a photo with the writing to her mother.  

Almost a year later, close to her birthday, I wanted to give her a creative gift, different from toys and something that was made especially for her and so I had the idea of illustrating her Map. A few months passed and I started to think that I could offer the comics to several people, since I had never seen them before.  nothing like it. And so, "my illustrated birth chart" was born.  

The purpose of comics is to explain each person's map in a simple way that highlights the potential of each one, so that whenever you look at it, you remember all that you are capable of accomplishing. Potentialities that sometimes end up being forgotten or not even noticed.

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